We are very happy shooting and we want photography to bring the same happiness to our clients.

Joel Ferreira

Photography has been a passion since childhood and to this day the fact that smiles, tears, emotions and life can be captured and stored, still amazes me.

Weddings are the place where everything is complete, the mixture of emotions that happens in the space of a single day, the sequence of moments that cannot be repeated, and a couple in love that chooses us to tell their love story, is a privilege and an inspiration.

Bruno Martins

It was in Estrela in Lisbon that I grew up and it was there that I learned and became the person I am today, curiously it was not here that I got the taste for photography but for people, it was where I got used to being surrounded by friends, acquaintances, sharing joys, good and not so good moments.

I am normally a happy, festive person, and it was this place where I was born that made me this way, but it is in photography that I reinvent and mirror this love for people and moments that will never be repeated again.

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